We offer classes on a pay as you go or monthly membership for up to two evenings or unlimited classes per week. You can choose which days you train each week and can change on a week to week basis if necessary. Our preferred method of payment is by bank transfer, our details will be given to you when you sign up for classes after your free trial.

Package Deals

We occasionally have special offers and package deals, head to the page to see what we currently offer:


We offer two membership levels depending on how often you would like to attend.


£45 per month

Up to 2 evenings of classes per week.


£60 per month

Access to all classes for anyone who wants to take their training to the next level.

Private Lessons

We also offer private lessons that can help you with all aspects of Kuk Sool training or to help you with your fitness goals. We can also offer small group private lessons so you can share the cost with others.

If you are looking for personal fitness training rather than a Kuk Sool based private lesson, you will need to book an initial consulation which lasts an hour and a half or 2 separate 45 mins sessions.

Monthly Payment Members

£30 per hour

For small group lessons there is a £10 per additional student surcharge

Pay as You Go or Non-Members

£45 per hour

For small group lessons there is a £10 per additional student surcharge

Pay as You Go


Includes access to all classes suitable for your level on any one day, such as: open session, KSW class and circuit class.


We sell training uniforms for £30, new students will need to purchase one to participate in events and class gradings. It is a good idea to get one as soon as possible as some of our training invloves grabbing clothing, our uniforms are specifically designed for this and are less likely to be damaged. Speak to Andrew to find out more.