We have a great team of instructors at KSW Glasgow. All our instructors are at least 2nd Degree Black belt level.

Andrew Cameron

Sa Bum Nim (4th Degree Black Belt)
Head Instructor and School Owner
Level 3 Personal Fitness Trainer

Sa Bum Nim Andrew started martial arts training as a young boy in Thurso in the early 1990s. At the time, the Thurso Kuk Sool Won school was the only one in Scotland.

After some time away from Kuk Sool as a teenager, SBN Andrew returned to training at the Aberdeen school when he moved there for University and promoted to 1st Dahn black belt in 2010. He then went on to train under his brother, SBN William at the Paisley school, where he promoted to 2nd then 3rd Dahn Black Belt. Now training with Kwan Jang Nim (Master) Graeme at KSW Kirkcaldy, Andrew promoted to his current rank of 4th Dahn at the Scottish Tournament 2024.

SBN Andrew opened Kuk Sool Won Glasgow in August 2013. The school has placed in the top ten schools at UK and Scottish championships multiple times including the most recent 2024 Scottish Tournament where the school achieved 8th place despite only having 7 students compete. SBN Andrew also loves to compete himself and has won the overall best in his category, or ‘Grand Champion’, title at tournaments 4 times.

His proudest moments are seeing all of his students progressing and performing well, a few of note being one of his students, KSN Dave, winning European Grand Champion in 2016 and seeing his wife and first ever student KSN Sarah reach black belt level.

Recently Andrew has been studying to improve his knowledge of anatomy and nutrition. Andrew is a qualified Level 3 Personal Trainer with a passion for biomechanics and mobility training and loves to incorporate his knowledge into everything we do at Kuk Sool Won Glasgow.

SBN Andrew’s favourite thing about Kuk Sool Won is the sheer variety on offer. As an instructor, SBN Andrew is passionate about good technique and efficiency, attention to detail and realising how all the individual skills learned in Kuk Sool Won fit together to complement and enhance every aspect of martial arts training.


Pu Sa Bum Nim (3rd Degree Black Belt)

After watching classes taking place, PSBN Ruaridh was eager to try out Kuk Sool Won. He joined the Inverness-shire school in 2009 and it quickly became a favourite hobby. He promoted to black belt alongside his family and good friend KSN Peter and continued to train in Inverness for several more years before university brought him to Glasgow.

The wonderful community of people at KSW Glasgow made him feel very welcome and SBN Andrew’s energetic teaching style inspired a new enthusiasm for Kuk Sool Won.

PSBN Ruaridh sees the Do-jang as a space to push himself – when you step onto the mats you put in everything you’ve got. Every class is a competition against your past self, everything you do should be better than the last time you did it.


Kyo Sa Nim (2nd Degree Black Belt)

KSN Chris has been practicing martial arts since he was five years old and during that time he has experimented with many different styles. He was first introduced to Kuk Sool Won by a friend and he has been addicted ever since.

To KSN Chris, Kuk Sool Won Glasgow is a series of like minded individuals, friends and rivals who are constantly able to push him to the next level of his training and have allowed him to grow into the martial artist he is today. More than that, they are a family he can rely on.

As someone who loves all aspects of Kuk Sool Won and the diversity of our martial art, KSN Chris finds it difficult to chose a certain area which is his favourite. He does enjoy sparring!