About this class

This class is for students of all ranks, including beginners. We cover the various weapons of Kuk Sool Won. Lower ranks will learn and practice the fundamentals of weapons training and focus on building the physical and mental strength needed for traditional weapons training. Higher ranks will work on the same with additional focus on the weapons forms relevant to their rank.

If it is your first class bring along some loose fitting clothes, the kind you might wear to the gym, and something to drink. We have a changing area if needed.

What to expect

This is often a slower paced class with lots of practice time necessary to learn the basic and more advanced weapons movements. Make sure you have warm enough clothing as it can sometimes get a little cold in the dojang over winter.

The topics we often cover in this class include:

  • Staff – regular and short length staff
  • Sword – straight and inverted sword
  • Jointed Staff (Nunchuks) – single and double
  • A variety of spins, strikes, blocks and joint locks with the above weapons as well as acrobatics and weapons retrieval skills.

Get in touch

If you are interested in starting training in Kuk Sool, use the form below to book a class or ask us a question.