About this class

This class is for everyone of all ranks, including beginners. This class focuses on sparring, wrestling and grappling; so you can learn how to apply the techniques you have learned in a variety of situations and in more competitive or realistic scenarios.

This class is more intense than our other classes so make sure you bring plenty to drink. If it is your first class bring along some loose fitting clothes, the kind you might wear to the gym. We have a changing area if needed.

For sparring we have some limited sparring gear available to borrow. However, it is best to have your own as there isn’t enough spare for everyone. If you would like to purchase some sparring gear speak to PSBN Andrew to make sure you get the correct type.

What to expect

This is designed to be a fun and varied class which will push you to build on the fundamental skills you learn in other classes.

The topics we often cover in this class include:

  • Skill drills – we never ask you to spar, grapple or wrestle without showing you some drills and points to work on whilst we are practicing.
  • Sparring – both points based and continuous. We never ask anyone to spar harder than they are comfortable with. Sparring is not about winning, you only win if both you and your partner learn from the experience.
  • Grappling and wrestling – we learn to apply the numerous techniques in Kuk Sool Won from a variety of positions.
  • And many more topics…

Get in touch

If you are interested in starting training in Kuk Sool, use the form below to book a class or ask us a question.