About this class

This class is for students of all ranks, including beginners. We cover all aspects of Kuk Sool, with more focus on the forms, techniques and other core elements of the KSW syllabus.

If it is your first class bring along some loose fitting clothes, the kind you might wear to the gym, and something to drink. We have a changing area if needed.

What to expect

This is designed to be a more technical class which will teach you the principles and core skills of martial art training.

The topics we often cover in this class include:

  • Kicks and hand strikes – we dive into the detail of various kicks and punches so we can learn to strike with efficiency, good posture and joint alignment.
  • Safe falling and agility – learning some basic nak-bup (falling principles) to help us fall safely when practiving throwing techniques and takedowns.
  • Forms – called hyung in Kuk Sool Won, learn how to connect your motions together fluidly.
  • Techniques – learn the details of how to apply joint locks, throws, trips etc. with maximum efficiency.
  • And many more topics…

Get in touch

If you are interested in starting training in Kuk Sool, use the form below to book a class or ask us a question.