About this class

This class is for everyone of all ranks, including beginners and non-members.

This class is about building your base fitness for martial arts and mobility. We use a variety of bodyweight and resistance exercises to build strength and some cardiovascular exercises to improve your aerobic endurance. Some classes will be more focused on one particular body area so it is most effective coming to both Circuit Classes in any week to get a full body workout.

Andrew is a fully qualified personal trainer so is an expert on how to build fitness effectively. If you would like to push your fitness even further, ask about a personal training session to create a training plan tailored to you.

The great thing about circuit training is you can go at your own pace. If you new to these types of exercises you can take your time and focus on correct technique and if you are already a seasoned pro you can go all out and really push yourself!

What to expect

This class can be extra sweaty so make sure you bring plenty to drink. If it is your first class bring along some loose fitting clothes, the kind you might wear to the gym. We have a changing area if needed. You can wear indoor only shoes or train bare feet!

The topics we often cover in this class include:

  • Quick warm up and demonstration of all stations.
  • Fitness circuit – usually around 12 – 15 stations of exercises.
  • Additional group exercise – could be hitting pads, extra core exercises, some fun challenges etc.
  • Mobility training – we always end with some stratching aimed at improving your range of motion at various joints to help your martial art and strength training.

Get in touch

If you are interested in starting training with us, use the form below to book a class or ask us a question.