We have two new black belt promotions to announce!

Due to the ongoing pandemic, the WKSA Scottish tournament was cancelled last weekend. This meant those due to promote missed out on their promotion ceremony with Kuk Sa Nim, our Grandmaster.

Therefore, the promotions which were due to happen at both the Scottish and European Tournaments have been approved by Kuk Sa Nim for the 30th May. We are currently planning to hold a promotion ceremony to present their certificates and new belt on the 15th August, if things have opened up by then. They may not have their new belt yet but they are now officially recognised as their new ranks.

Congratulations to Jo Kyo Nim Gregor, who today promotes to the rank of 1st Degree Black Belt. JKN Gregor joined us after previously training at the Edinburgh school under JIKJN Don Mackenzie. JKN Gregor has trained hard over the last year and will make a great black belt. Well done JKN!

Also congratulations to Kyo Sa Nim Sarah, who promotes to the rank of 2nd Degree Black Belt. KSN Sarah started training over 10 years ago with her now husband, PSBN Andrew. KSN Sarah is incredibly hard working and does a lot to ensure our school runs smoothly. We wouldn’t be anywhere near as successful a school without you, KSN. Well done!

We also want to say a huge congratulations to everyone in various Kuk Sool Won schools who are all promoting today. We have never experienced a year like this and are looking forward to when we get to celebrate all your efforts properly!

Take care everyone and we will hopefully be able to train with you all again soon.