Grading time is almost upon us again and we look forward to seeing all of our students show their knowledge and demonstrate their fitness. Kuk Sool Won Glasgow is always pleased to welcome new students. We enjoy seeing people grow from complete beginners to white belts and start to pick up the foundation forms and techniques. One of our newer additions to the school, Nabeel, has done just that.

Nabeel recently promoted to yellow belt and has the distinction of being the first ever Glasgow student to join us as a beginner and reach yellow belt; without missing a class. He joined us in the Autumn of 2017 and is a great addition to the school. Since starting his training, Nabeel has attended every class that is open to him. This has enabled him to develop a good understanding of the foundations of Kuk Sool Won and has given him a wide introduction to the variety of our martial art.

Nabeel has demonstrated an admirable commitment and has developed his acrobatic skills under the tutelage of KSN Andrew and JKN Ruaridh, joining in with front flips and trusting his body to fall correctly. He has also refined his form and techniques at the Wednesday beginners class led by JKN Fergus.

His enthusiasm for Kuk Sool Won shows whenever he is in the dojang and he has explained that although he loves all of his training, he particularly enjoys sparring classes and aims to learn as much as he can from JKN Chris.

Nabeel’s focus is already showing results and at his first UK Tournament in Liverpool in November, he competed and won a gold medal for sparring, silver for forms and a bronze medal for his techniques. 

Attitude and passion are two of the requirements needed for progression within our martial art and it is clear that Nabeel possesses these. We look forward to seeing him continue to challenge himself and develop as a yellow belt. His next challenge awaits.