It has been a busy few months at Kuk Sool Won Glasgow. We celebrated the end of 2018 with the promotion of our school owner to third degree black belt. PSBN Andrew continues to inspire us all and share his talent with us and we are very proud of his achievements.

We also welcomed the promotion of three of our students to first degree black belt. JKN Mark , JKN Paul and JKN Fiona all joined the school a few years ago and after lots of hard work reached their goal of first degree black belt. Our new JKNs took part in the demonstration in front of our founder Kuk Sa Nim and we send them massive congratulations and look forward to seeing them continuing to train.

After a short break at Christmas we are now back to training full time and have already had one class grading where we saw students from white belts to black belts push themselves and show what they can do under the pressure of grading time.

We now are looking forward to Spring time where we will continue to develop our knowledge of Kuk Sool with training, seminars and preparation for our next grading.

If you feel like a new challenge is on the horizon for you, please come and join us. We’d love to see you.