KSN Ruaridh

Kyo Sa Nim (2nd Degree Black Belt)

After watching some classes taking place, KSN Ruaridh was very eager to try out Kuk Sool Won. He joined the Inverness-shire school in 2009 along with his parents and sister and it quickly became a favourite hobby. After four years of training, he promoted to black belt alongside his family and good friend KSN Peter. He continued to train in Inverness for several more years – including helping with the kids class in Fortrose – before university brought him to Glasgow.

The wonderful community of people at KSW Glasgow made him feel very welcome and PSBN Andrew’s energetic teaching style inspired a fresh new enthusiasm for Kuk Sool Won. Recently Ruaridh was very proud to have helped start a new kids class, alongside KSN Peter and other instructors. He considers everyone at KSW Glasgow a good friend and thoroughly enjoys spending time with them both in and out of class.

Ruaridh sees the Do-jang as a space to push himself – it doesn’t matter if you’re tired or sore or ill, when you step onto the mats you put in everything you’ve got. Every class is a competition against your past self, everything you do should be better than the last time you did it. Luckily, at KSW Glasgow, you’re surrounded by friends who support you and push you to do better and you have an excellent team of instructors happy to help you improve.