KSN Peter

Kyo Sa Nim (2nd Degree Black Belt)

KSN Peter’s Kuk Sool journey began in 1997 when he heard that a martial arts teacher had moved to his sleepy highland village. Eager for a new activitiy he became one of the very first students of Kuk Sool Won Inverness Shire. After three years of training, Peter moved to Mobile, Alabama where unfortunately his training halted due to a lack of schools in the area. However, he didn't forget about Kuk Sool and after ten years living in the US, returned to Scotland determined to gain his black belt. In fact Peter commuted to Inverness from Aberdeen for three years just to study under his original Instructor and neighbour JIKJN Ian Cameron.

In 2013 Peter earned his black belt but his career in education meant he would have to move to Glasgow. He reached out to the newly formed Kuk Sool Won Glasgow School where he instantly felt at home and improved greatly under PSBN Andrew’s instruction. Peter quickly earned a reputation for recruiting new students and his proudest accomplishment has been helping the Glasgow school grow by introducing his personal friends to his lifelong hobby.

For Peter, Kuk Sool Won is about individual goals. He believes the most valuable things in life take time and are earned slowly through incremental gains. He can do things he never thought possible because every time he comes to class he makes sure he is ever so slightly better than the class before.