JKN Louise

Jo Kyo Nim (1st Degree Black Belt)

JKN Louise was introduced to Kuk Sool Won at the age of 21 by her partner JKN Chris. Having never been interested in martial arts before, Louise never expected to become hooked after her first class.

As someone who suffers from anxiety, Louise credits Kuk Sool for the massive improvement in her mental health and wellbeing. Through Kuk Sool, she has become a more confident person who (mostly) enjoys competing at tournaments and performing in demonstrations.

Louise promoted to her current rank at the 2018 Scottish Tournament in Motherwell. Louise has competed and successfully placed at the Scottish, UK and Spanish championships.

To Louise, Kuk Sool Won Glasgow is her second family. She loves being able to watch her instructors and classmates progress and achieve their own personal goals.

Louise loves the variety that Kuk Sool offers, no class is ever the same! However, Louise particularly enjoys the traditional aspects of Kuk Sool Won, like forms, techniques and weapons.