JKN Fiona

Jo Kyo Nim (1st Degree Black Belt)

JKN Fiona joined us soon after the club began in 2013, She was introduced to Kuk Sool Won by KSN Peter and has trained continuously ever since, becoming the first person at KSW Glasgow to achieve their Black Belt after beginning as a new student. She promoted to JKN rank at the 2017 Scottish Tournament.

She has watched the school grow from one class a week in a tiny dance studio, through multiple venues, to our current full time training location.

KSW Glasgow is more than just a club for JKN Fiona. The supportive atmosphere within class also helps her outside of training.

JKN Fiona’s favourite element of Kuk Sool is the fact that it is a mental challenge as well as a physical one. Also, hip throws…

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