PSBN Andrew

Pu Sa Bum Nim (3rd Degree Black Belt)

Head Instructor and School Owner

PSBN Andrew started martial arts training as a young boy in Thurso in 1992 alongside his brother SBN William. At the time, the Thurso Kuk Sool Won school was the only one in Scotland and was led by JIKJN Don Mackenzie who was the first ever Scottish Kuk Sool Won black belt. JIKJN Don is now a sixth degree Master and owner of the Edinburgh and Falkirk schools, where PSBN Andrew receives his training.

PSBN Andrew continued to train and develop his skill, promoting to 1st Dahn black belt in 2010, before winning Grand Champion titles at the 2012 Scottish Tournament and in the Netherlands in 2013. He promoted to the rank of KSN in 2014 and PSBN in 2018, both at the UK Tournament in Liverpool. 

PSBN Andrew opened Kuk Sool Won Glasgow in August 2013. The school has grown a lot over the last few years and has placed in the top ten schools at UK and Scottish championships. His proudest moments have included seeing all of his students progress and performing well, a few of note being the first time the school won 10th place overall at the UK Tournament, one of his students winning European Grand Champion in 2016 and seeing his wife and first ever student KSN Sarah reach black belt level.

PSBN Andrew's favourite thing about Kuk Sool Won is the sheer variety on offer. The constant challenge and knowing that there is always more to learn is what keeps him focused on training. As an instructor, PSBN Andrew is passionate about correct technique and posture, attention to detail and realising how all the individual skills learned in Kuk Sool Won fit together to complement and enhance every aspect of training.

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