Pay Monthly

All monthly packages include a free training uniform when you sign up.

Beginner Package

Great for new students who don’t want to jump in to everything straight away. Get access to Beginner Class only.

Approximately £5 per class

1 evening per week

Flexible training plan for those who can’t make every class or want to take their training a step further. Get all classes which are suitable for your level on any evening of your choice each week.

Approximately £3.50 per class

Unlimited Beginners and Intermediates

Access to all suitable classes for students up to Brown Belt level

Approximately £2 per class

Unlimited Advanced

Access to all classes, including Advanced classes

Approximately £1.67 per class

Monthly payment is due on the same date each calendar month as your first payment and includes all classes in that month. Approximate prices are calculated based on an average 4 week long month, attending 2 classes per evening (Beginner Package is for one class only per week, Unlimited Advanced package is based on attending every class in a week).

Pay as you go

1 evening of classes


1 individual class